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Nintendo-Addicted '90s Kids Were Sent To Therapy, Vintage News Segment

Huffington Post: Parents in 2012 may feel as though they are the first generation of moms and dads to grapple with kids who are addicted to gaming. But just because teens weren't playing complicate multi-player alternate reality games doesn't mean '90s parents weren't ...
11 Gaming Innovations We Owe to Nintendo

- 4 days ago @ For decades Nintendo has been a gaming pioneer. But we owe them even more than you might realize...

Nintendo's Miyamoto Doesn't Want to Make Games for People Who Have Only A "Passive" Interest In Gaming

- 3 days ago @ Iconic designer Shigeru Miyamoto suggests that Nintendo will focus more on core games in the future.

Nintendo isn't hitting reset

- 2 days ago @ Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto doesn't want to make games for "passive" people ; the attitude that games ought to be to be a roller-coaster ride, to entertain without challenge, is, to his mind, "pathetic".



Nintendo of Europe Cutting 320 Jobs

GameSpot: As a result of the job losses, Nintendo of Europe will outsource the localization and testing duties previously performed by the German office. Nintendo says in a statement that the cuts were needed to "increase flexibility and cost efficiency in the ...

Nintendo reveals first Amiibo figures and prices, but no release date

Joystiq: Nintendo revealed an initial line up of Amiibo toys on Thursday. The near-field communication-equipped action figures compatible with Nintendo Wii U and 3DS games like Super Smash Bros. will cost $12.99 each when they launch, but Nintendo has yet to ...

Watch a Half-Dozen Nintendo Executives Take the Ice Bucket Challenge

GameSpot: Responding to Xbox boss Phil Spencer's nomination for him to take the Ice Bucket Challenge earlier this month, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime promised to "one-up" Spencer's video. But more than a week went by, and Fils-Aime didn't take ...

Nintendo Plans to Support Hyrule Warriors for the "Long Run, " Free Day One

GameSpot: As Nintendo previously announced, if you preorder Hyrule Warriors at select retailers, you'll receive a free download code for a set of alternate in-game costumes for Link and Zelda. If you register the game with Club Nintendo you will also receive a ...

Nintendo Plans to Support Hyrule Warriors for the "Long Run, " Free Day One DLC Announced

Nintendo says that it will announce timing and pricing later, but the first update is free.

Nintendo Reveals New 3DS Models With Built-In NFC, Better 3D, And More

GameSpot: [UPDATE 2] A Nintendo representative told Eurogamer that the new 3DS models will launch in Europe in 2015. [UPDATE] A Nintendo of America representative says in a statement that the company has no plans to launch the new 3DS models in North ...

Nintendo's New 3DS Aims for the Hardcore, But Is Bound to Create Confusion

GameSpot: That another revision of a Nintendo handheld system is coming is no real surprise--routine hardware refreshes have been part of the company's business model for upwards of two decades (the DS had four different designs, for example). But the latest ...

Nintendo's Amiibo Toys Will Sell for $13 Each; $300 Mario Kart 8 Wii U Bundle

GameSpot: As the ever-important holiday season approaches, Nintendo today announced pricing details for its Skylanders-style toy line, amiibo, and revealed a range of new Wii U and 2DS hardware bundles. Amiibo toys will sell for $13 each, and the first dozen ...





Panda Express


Burger King





Nintendo Unveils Redesigned 3DS Consoles

Business Insider: The new Nintendo 3DS will be slightly bigger, slightly thicker, and 18 grams heavier than the older model. Both new handhelds include a beefier CPU, so a few upcoming games — like Nintendo's newly announced "Xenoblade Chronicles" title — will be ...

Nintendo reveals the New Nintendo 3DS

Polygon: The new system was confirmed today during the Japanese Nintendo Direct. The New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS LL feature a smaller analog "nub" above the A, B, X and Y buttons. Likewise, existing buttons have been colored to match the ...

Nintendo Announces "New Nintendo 3DS" Models in Japan [Updated With New

TechnoBuffalo: During the Nintendo Direct hosted in Japan this morning, Nintendo announced a brand new set of Nintendo 3DS models. They are, at least in Japan, known as the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS LL (that's XL, internationally). The models come in ...

Nintendo just announced a new console, but not the one you were expecting

It’s been a trying year for Nintendo as the Wii U struggles to compete with the PS4 and Xbox One, but with the holiday season approaching, the company has a few tricks up its sleeve to entice fans. Unfortunately, those plans do not include an upgraded home console on par with the next-gen system from Microsoft and Sony. Instead, Nintendo revealed the New Nintendo 3DS during a Japanese Nintendo ...

Nintendo Announces More Powerful 3DS

Nintendo never seems satisfied releasing only one version of a console, and its 3DS is no exception. The announcement came via today's Nintendo Direct video stream in Japan. The company will release the New Nintendo 3DS (16,000 yen;


New 3DS is how Nintendo is capitalizing on Super Smash Bros., Monster Hunter

VentureBeat: Nintendo has another new portable device for you to buy. That surprises you? Well, it shouldn't. Nintendo has released new handheld hardware almost annually since 2008. Early this morning, the company revealed the New 3DS and New 3DS XL. They are ...

[Update] Rumor: Super Smash Bros. Videos Reveal Two Unannounced Characters

Nintendo has issued copyright claims on the videos showing the two characters in action. Update #1: Nintendo has responded to our request for comment on the leaked character videos. "We have nothing to announce at this time," a representative told us via email. "For the list of announced playable characters for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS please visit: www.smashbros ...


Nintendo reveals New 3DS

From the early days of the original Game Boy to its most recent system, the 3DS, Nintendo has made a habit of releasing several different, improved systems that iterate on earlier versions of its handhelds. Today, the house of Mario continued in its ...

Nintendo reveals New 3DS

From the early days of the original Game Boy to its most recent system, the 3DS, Nintendo has made a habit


Nintendo's Miyamoto Doesn't Want to Make Games for People Who Have Only A

GameSpot: CVG notes that this is the first time a high-ranking Nintendo executive has publicly stated plans to move away from the casual crowd. The original Wii sold over 100 million units, and, as mentioned, its massive success was due in part to the way it ...

The Mario Opera Graces YouTube for the First Time

Nintendo Life: ... a medium that twenty years ago would have been a laughable fancy. Be sure to check out the trailer below, and you can find the entire playlist for the production by clicking here. What do you think of Mann's interpretation of Nintendo's most iconic ...

For The First Time In 20 Years, Nintendo Could Be Bringing Back The Infamous Dog From 'Duck Hunt'

For the first time in 20 years, the infamous...


Nintendo's Mario Kart DLC Is The Best (And Also The Worst)

TechCrunch: Nintendo has seen better times. Back in June, the company announced a quarterly loss despite tripling sales of its flagship console, the Wii U. The numbers were bad, but look even worse when looking back with context: if Nintendo sold the Wii U at the ...

Nintendo launching 'amiibo' toy-game franchise with 12 characters, including

In this June 10, 2014 file photo, amiibo characters for Wii U are on display at the Nintendo booth during the Electronic Entertainment Expo, in Los Angeles. Pikachu and Link will be among the first characters coming to "amiibo." Nintendo announced the ...

Nintendo Deals & Downloads: SteamWorld Dig & more

Wii U Daily: This week on the Nintendo eShop sees the release of SteamWorld Dig for Wii U, as well as a few other titles of note. Since this is the last week of August it wraps up the Mega Man month with our final virtual console titles. The Fall also launched ...

Start Playing: Why It's Way Past Time to Buy Nintendo's Wii U Launching a full year before Microsoft and Sony dropped their next-gen consoles, Nintendo's console never clearly defined what it's role in the gaming landscape would be. Many consumers were convinced it was an accessory for Nintendo's previous console ...

Nintendo's Amiibo Toys Will Sell for $13 Each; $300 Mario Kart 8 Wii U Bundle Announced

Pricing revealed for Nintendo's Skylanders-style toys; Mario Kart 8 Wii U hardware bundle coming exclusively to Wal-Mart.

Nintendo Debuts New 3DS Named 'New 3DS'

Nintendo used a Japanese Nintendo Direct this morning (which many hoped would contain a Super Smash Bros. Wii U release date) to announce a new version of its 3DS handheld. The news has surprised many, and so have the details about what the 3DS revamp actually contains. The new pair of [...]

Nintendo's (NTDOY) Wii U Sidelined by Ubisoft & Activision - Analyst Blog

Nintendo's (NTDOY) Wii U Sidelined by Ubisoft & Activision - Analyst Blog


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